40 Languages You Can Translate With Google Pixel Buds Easy To Control, Comfortable To Wear, and Fast to Pair

Hanif Shaikh
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40 Languages You Can Translate With Google Pixel Buds Easy To Control, Comfortable To Wear, and Fast to Pair

Previous month Google broadcast Google Pixel Buds, a perfect pair of wireless headphones that sound great, Easy to control and help you do better without you taking to see on your mobile. Pixel Buds are Control with just a touch, Single tap, Long press, Double tap, comfortable to wear, and fast to pair, and with the fast connect Google Assistant; assistance is just a single touch away. There’s a lot these headphones buds can do anything did Google mention real-time translation in 40 languages?

Google Pixel Buds

Google Pixel Buds can absence aligned buttons but their one touch and voice controls offer so much better than just playback music and more. You can easy conversation with Google Assistant, use Google Translate to hold on the tap conversations in a different 40 language, and triage your notifications without seeing on your mobile.


  • Connect with Single Tap: Pairing Pixel Buds with your mobile is fast and easy


  • Control with Just Swipe Touch: touch the right earbud to play, pause or answer a call; swipe forward or backwards to change the volume.


  • At Once Connect the Google Assistant: If you require an Assistant-enabled Android phone and mobile data connection, just tap and hold the right earbud and talk the Google Assistant for help.


  • Translate In 40 Languages: use real-time translations with Google Translate, Pixel Buds, and a Pixel or Pixel 2. Your earphones get you and your Pixel’s speaker will play the translation in a different language. As soon as if another person speaks, you will hear the translation right in your ear. If you play Google Translate, just one touch and hold your right earbud and say “Google, help me speak [LANGUAGE]”.


  • Check Your Notifications Without Seeing: Once you allow spoken notifications on your mobile, you will hear a brief ring whenever you get a new notification. Just Double-tap on the right earbud after hearing an alert notification and your Google Assistant will read the new message notifications.


  • Easy Store and Charge Your Google Pixel Buds with Little Case: hold Pixel Buds safely stored when you’re using handy little case. Charge up and doing both Pixel Buds and the charging case all the way and get up to 24 hours backup. Learn more about battery life and charging in our help center.


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