How To Add Google Analytics To WordPress?

Hanif Shaikh
1 Min Read

Here is the step by step guide to add google analytics code in to your website without need of any plugin just few simple steps.

Following are the step to get the code from google analytics

1. Go to your google analytics account and login. ( if you already created google analytics account and generated the tracking code code.

Here is the video guide to  How to setup  google analytics account and get the code

2. Scroll down below goto admin gear icon

2. Click on tracking info

3. Click on tracking code copy the entire code.

Here is the step to add your analytics code into your wordpress website

  1. After login to your dashboard,
  2. Go to the appearance
  3. Theme editor
  4. Find header.php (before editing anything in header take a code backup)
  5. Paste your google analytics javascript code in the header before Closing of </head>

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