Paytm Integrates BHIM UPI to Its Payments Bank Platform

Hanif Shaikh
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Paytm Integrates BHIM UPI

Now you can see BHIM UPI icon on your Paytm App home screen if you can’t see icon please update now!

Latest update with the newly integrated BHIM UPI (Unified Payment Interface) on Paytm, you will be able to use the Paytm app as functions in a single unit wallet. This will comfort the merchants as well as customers using Paytm as they can directly use their bank accounts to send and receive payments.


In a technical digital post talking about the BHIM UPI integration in Paytm App, the company said they ‘goal to be the country’s largest issuer and acquirer of UPI’. With this latest integration, it may be correct as Paytm already enjoys a large operator base.

How to Use BHIM UPI on Paytm

BHIM UPI integration into Paytm

  1. Tap on BHIM UPI
  2. Select your bank account to proceed
  3. Your bank will verify your mobile number
  4. Set your m-pin & you are ready!

UPI or combined payments interface is a payments bank method introduced by the National Payments Corporation Of India (NPCI). To transact via BHIM UPI, you want to link your bank account with a UPI app (BHIM for instance) and get a UPI pin number. It is very fast, safe, and free of charge.

Using with BHIM UPI on Paytm platform, you will have to access link your bank account with the app first. Then you will get a Paytm BHIM UPI ID that will be your mobile-number@paytm via default. Then you can send money up to Rs. 1 lakh each every day using your Paytm BHIM UPI ID. There is no boundary on receiving any amount. Also, UPI is actual real-time money transfer and that as well without any extra charges.

Both the customers as well as merchants using Paytm BHIM UPI will advantage from this. Firstly, at the present, you won’t need to recharge your Paytm wallet to make a fast transaction as your bank account is directly involved. Secondly, the sending and receiving boundaries are not there so higher transactions can be made simply.

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