Reliance Offers on Google Pixel 2, Pixel XL, and Apple iPhone X with BUYBACK

Hanif Shaikh
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Reliance Jio backed with amazing attractive offers on selected of the most popular smartphones like – Google Pixel 2, Google Pixel XL, Apple iPhone 10 and iPhone X. For Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL, Reliance Jio announces to be providing best offers cost around Indian Rs. 23,000. On iPhone X, Jio is running a cashback offer on city bank credit card and world card worth Rs.8, 000. Jio Customers can also benefit 70 % Jio buyback offers on iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus. Reliance Jio, which takes a disturbing big effect on the telecom sector, is successful all out to woo high-end smartphone consumers with these best offers.

Google Pixel 2

What is the Jio Offers on Google Pixel 2?

  • If any consumer’s purchase Google Pixel 2 or pre-order Pixel 2 XL, they get benefits worth Rs. 22,999,
  • Unlimited offer for 1 Year voice and data 750 GB worth Rs. 9999
  • After 750 GB usage of data, internet speed will decrease to 64 Kbps, said
  • Consumer’s Cashback offer of Rs. 8,000 on HDFC Credit Card EMI
  • Consumers get an additional bonus 5, 000, and also exchange price on old phone said
  • Customer will get benefits of Offer period for Jio-Pixel 2 offer is the period starting from 27th October 2017 and shall continue valid until 24th January 2018.
  • Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, This offer Eligible only for, which is newly, buy from Jio Store, Reliance Digital store, or
  • As well as, customers will get unlimited local and national SMS.
  • Reliance Jio plan on Google Pixel 2 and Pixel XL is valid for 360 days.
  • Complimentary Subscription to Jio Apps, Validity: 360 days
  • Last day of Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel XL to enrol for the offer is 24th January 2018.

Pixel 2

Black, Blue, White 64 GB Rs. 61,000 

google-pixel 2-black-64GB google-pixel 2-blue-64GB

google-pixel 2-white-64GB

Pixel 2

Black, White 128 GB Rs. 70,000

google-pixel 2-black-64GB

google-pixel 2-white-64GB

Pixel 2 XL

Black, 64 GB Rs. 73,000

google-pixel 2XL- Black 64GB

Black and White 64 GB Rs. 73,000

google-pixel 2XL-Black and White-64GB

Black, 128 GB Rs. 82,000

google-pixel 2XL- Black 128GB

Black and White 128 GB Rs. 82,000

google-pixel 2XL-Black and White-128GB

What is the Jio Offers on iPhone X?

If consumers who buy Apple iPhone X with Citibank credit and Citibank world debit cards will get an extra jio cashback worth Rs. 8,000.

Jio Offers on iPhone X

Reliance Jio has announced to buy-back the new models of iPhones after 12th months for 70% of the iPhone’s cost.

According to Reliance Jio’s consumers who purchase Apple’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X any models and recharge with Jio offers plan worth Rs. 799 each month are eligible for the buy-back plan.

Consumers can click to register for Apple iPhone X and to enrol for Reliance Jio #buyback offer on the device on Jio official website.

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