WhatsApp ‘Delete for Everyone’ Feature: Learn How to Delete Last 7 Minutes Sent Messages

Hanif Shaikh
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WhatsApp 'Delete for Everyone'WhatsApp’s much waited for Delete for Everyone feature is now available for iOS and Android all users, But requires the latest versions of WhatsApp. This latest version of WhatsApp feature gives users a chance to delete last 7 minutes sent messages that they have sent by mistake to a wrong person or group.

WhatsApp took already rolled out the feature to limited users last week. Currently, the company has officially rolled out of the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature to all users. WhatsApp users will now be able to last 7 minutes sent messages from a chat with every single or group person. The feature will work for all types of messaging including GIFs, Emojis, Images, Texts, PDF files, voice messages, location, Videos, status updates, and contacts. However, a message can only be deleted within last 7 minutes of sending it.WhatsApp New Version UpdateThe Facebook-owned messenger too confirms that messages that must be successfully deleted for everyone will stay replaced with “This message was deleted” in the receivers’ chats and “You deleted this message” in your chat board. So, if you see “this message was deleted” in a chat, it means that the sender has deleted the messages for everyone.

WhatsApp deleted this message

How Does It Work? And How To Use WhatsApp last 7 Minutes Messages Delete For Everyone


The Delete for Everyone feature will use only with the latest WhatsApp App updated version of. Also, together the sender and the receiver want to have the latest WhatsApp version in instruction to use the feature. The feature will robotically appear after you update your app.WhatsApp 'Delete for Everyone'


  • Make sure you have the latest WhatsApp version on your mobile phone. The receiver must also have the latest version installed for the Delete for Everyone feature to work.
  • Select the message(s), image, GIF, etc. you want to delete permanently
  • Tap the delete/ trash icon on the screen
  • At this time the dialogue box will show the new option Delete for Everyone

The single Delete for me feature is the even delete option which WhatsApp has a name again. The updates just similar before, allows users to delete the message they require sent or received from the device. This has no effect on the receiver’s chats box.

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